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i went to the gym earlier today and i saw a guy i knew from high school that i hadn't seen in a really long time. i asked him how he was doing and what he has been up to lately. he said that he had been in the army for about eight months now. he also said how he got married last june. right now he's stationed with his wife in alaska and got leave for christmas to see his family here. once he gets back he's gonna get transfered to north carolina and continue on to do training to become a green beret. he's liking his time in the army and is excited to become a green beret and he's loving the married life. i'm very happy for him that he's enjoying being married and being in the army.

a few years back while i was finishing up high school i was very close to enlisting. i wanted to be in special forces, it didn't matter which branch but i just wanted to be the best of the best and go on special ops missions. however, beginning of senoir year during wrestling practice i tore my left deltoid and rotator cuff. that fucked up a lot of things, but that's another story. a couple months ago i had to do emissions for my car and i couldn't find the damn place so i stopped at the only building in the area, which happened to be a recruiting station. so i got directions from the guy and then of course he has to throw in his speech asking me about school and work and have i considered enlisting. and before i could even blink i had my arms full of packets and books and whatever the hell else. i looked at the stuff for a few seconds and threw it away when i got home, it was the reserves anyways and i wasn't interested. every so often i still think of joining. mostly i just want to test myself and know that i can do it all and be good at it. but then i think of everyone that i would have to leave behind and i decide against it and choose to stay un-enlisted for a while longer. things are going pretty good right now and i don't wanna mess anything up. so i'm gonna stay here whether you guys like it or not :p
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