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finally done

bloody knuckles, burnt hands, smashed fingers, chemical welder burns, minimal sleep plus two long weekends and you too can have custom built dual exhaust. it's finally done and it's awesome. that has been my last two weekends. finals week now and then freedom. too bad i'll still have to work but money is always helpful when saving up. and i got a hold of a supercharger so that'll be going on my car soon. gonna be hanging out more over this break. probably race around ahwatukee a lot. doing that in the rx-8 last night was really fun. still need to register for next semester but i have an idea of which classes i want to take. i think i have two finals tonight, not sure but either way i most likely won't study. if i don't know it by know i won't learn it in an hour. christmas is almost here, need to go shopping. oh and last week christine and summer seran wrapped my car and wrote stuff in shaving cream. hahaha, i thought it was pretty funny. will update some more later.
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