Nicodemus2600 (nicodemus2600) wrote,

update time

Alright, so i haven't updated in a while. Been meaning to, just kept forgetting. Here it is. Been working a lot at NAPA, getting 40+ hours there, doing night school at mcc and then a saturday class at cgcc, plus picking up a shift once in a while at starbucks, also i try to workout in between it all..... oh yeah almost forgot, i sleep sometimes too :p. It's not that bad, have a routine figured out so things are going alright. Got into a car accident a few weeks ago. Was a five car pile up on the 101 and i happened to be the last car. So I'm also dealing with everything that goes with that. Uhmm....mind just went blank. Will update again once I get some sleep and time.
Love you all
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